Boat building and woodworking plans

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Before going deeper to boat building plans topic, let’s see why would someone want to own a boat in the first place? For having fun sailing around? For fishing? For living in it? For working out their body by rowing or paddling? For any other reason? Whatever the reason is, the big question is should I buy a boat, or should I build one?

Most of the time, the biggest problem is the budget which never seems to be inline with a price of a boat I want. Therefore, I need to find good boat building plans to decrease my cost in this process. And it is really the truth! Buying a boat is much more expensive than rolling up your sleeves and building a boat by your own.

boat plans

Since, building a boat is not a simple project, having boat building plans is mandatory task before involving in this ‘building game’.
First of all you need to know what kind of boat building plans you need. That depends on what kind of boat do you want to build. There are many options out there. From simpler projects like canoes, kayaks and other small boats to big projects like yachts or sail boats.

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Boat building plans needs to be studied in details before even trying to started this boat building adventure. Since this page is dedicated to wooden boat building plans, let’s see what kind of wood is preferable for building boats.

Really important part of boat structure is a keel. Not just it has impact on boat’s turning performance, but it resists the sideways wind pressure, especially when it comes to sailing boats. Therefore, boat building plans recommend using hard type of woods. The oak seems to be the best choice here. Also, as it is stated in most of the boat building plans, oak is used to build the boat frames too. Next, to build a boat hull, we need to fasten planks to frames and a keel. Planks are wooden boards that cover the frames outside the hull. Planks from an oak can also be used, but most of the time boat building plans recommend some softwood for this purpose like cedar or pine. These days, more and more boat building plans include plywood also. If you find some tropical woods as recommendation in your boat building plans don’t be surprised, because it also works.

Different boat building plans recommend different types of wood construction for different types of boat. Actually, there are many wood construction methods, but maybe the most popular are strip planking method, sheet plywood boat building method, carvel method, etc. Usually the boat building plans for amateur boat builders recommend strip planking method, as it is very quick, glue construction method that pragmatically fits skills and needs of every amateur boat builder.

However, as far as boat building plans are considered, think of them as a key for your future boat building project. Because a boat building is a little bit more complex project in comparison to other woodwork projects, it is really hard to make success without using good boat building plans. So, the bottom line is, if you are using boat building plans to build the boat you always wanted, make sure you use a good resource that will provide you all relevant information needed for this project. And what is more important, make sure that you understand every single line of instructions from these boat building plans you’re going to use. Only then you can be sure and confident that your boat building plans will lead you in the right way and that is – to the successful end of your boat building project.