What Are Scroll Saws Used for?

Scroll saws are used by general contractors as well as roofers to cut different materials, such as wood. It is an extremely popular tool to use during furniture making and other carpentry tasks. Most of them operate through the use of electricity. The cheaper ones on the market are sometimes operated through power generated by pedalling.


Scroll saws are chosen to cut curves so that a piece of wood can be rounded. A Jigsaw would not be able to cut at the unique angle a scroll saw can. Most models are only capable of creating curves around edges. So, it’s impossible for the device to completely cut out a circle from a piece of wood or other material.

How Much Do Scroll Saws Cost?

Scroll saws are perfectly affordable pieces of equipment. You’ll be able to purchase a model that can get the job done for around $100. Of course, that’s the cheapest price you’ll find a scroll saw at. High quality scroll saws can reach prices as high as $2,000. More expensive models tend to have better accuracy. Some of them are also easier to use.


What Size Do I Need?

When picking out a scroll saw, you’ll notice different options when it comes to sizes. Manufacturers determine sizes by measuring how long the throat is. The throat is the arm that’s sticking out, holding the blade. The throat distance is considered to be from where the blade is to the back frame of the saw.


If you’re looking for a smaller scroll saw, which will likely coincide with a cheaper price, you can expect to receive a machine that has a 12-inch throat. Those who buy scroll saws in commercial or large sizes, get machines with throats around 30 inches long.


Which Brand Should You Choose?

There aren’t that many manufacturers of scroll saws in the world. If you’re looking to purchase a high-quality model, you should choose between these companies

  • -Hegner (German)
  • -Notable (German)
  • -Dewalt (Taiwanese)
  • -Eclipse (United States of America)

Of course, you retain the right to go with manufacturers that produce modest versions of high-quality brands. These models will get the job done, but chances are they won’t be doing that job for very long. Most of these brands hail from Asia. Where quality is often slashed to meet low-price demands.

  • – Dremel
  • – Ryobi
  • – Craftsman
  • – Delta


Scroll Saws Require Little Space

The scroll saw is not a large instrument. This makes it perfect for those woodworkers with less room than they wish they had. It doesn’t take a giant factory to house one of these guys. They’ll fit in a small corner in a cramped garage. The woodworker simply needs to clear the mess around it when it’s time to use the scroll saw.
Loads of Different Blades


Not all pieces of wood are the same. Oak can be a lot easier to cut than teak. That’s why carpenters and woodworkers rely on an assortment of different blades to get their problems done. Plus, different blades can help achieve different effects. Here are a few different types of blades that are used in scroll saws, and what they’re used for.


-Diamond Blades

Scroll saws aren’t exclusively used for wood working. Carpentry may require the cutting up of other materials. For instance, if you were trying to make a mirror, you’d want to cut some glass. A Diamond blade would be able to handle this type of material.


-Skip Tooth

This blade is used to cut wood. It consists of a tooth, a gap and a second tooth at the end of the gap.
-Double Skip Tooth

This blade is basically the skip tooth’s older brother. It’s a little tougher, so it can handle difficult to cut pieces of wood. This model has two teeth on both sides instead of one.
-Ultra Reverse Blade


This blade consists of around six teeth. One of the tooth’s is placed at an up-point. Having a tooth at the up-point results in a cleaner cut with less dust.
There Are Other Types Too


Remember, there are many different types of blades. Be sure to look them all up before deciding which is best for your project. If you’re following DIY instructions, use the one they recommend.
Different Types of Scroll Saw Models


Besides price and quality, scroll saws also vary in how they are laid out to function. A common design for scroll saws to have is called the parallel arm model. This model consists of a motor that’s placed in the back of the arm of the machine. The motor operates the blade through the use of electricity.


There is also the C-arm model. This model comes with two blades mounted on opposite sides of the C. The C-arm model is common to see in home improvement stores in the United States.
Again, there are other models available. These two may not be the right option for you. If you can manage to get your hands on a retro model, you may be able to work some wood with the Rigid Arm Scroll Saw. This model hasn’t been around since the 70’s, but there are a few still lying around in garages and antique shops. Unlike other models, this one is partly operated with spring action. So it’s actually kind of fun to use.


Is Getting a Pricier Model Worth It?

Getting a pricier model’s worth it if you’re a veteran woodworker that knows you’re going to get a lot of use out of it. If woodworking has become a recent hobby, you may be better off getting one of the cheaper brands. Either way, both of them do the job. The higher-quality brands just do it a little cheaper


Maybe A Scroll Saw Will Help Get the Job Done?

Looking for a way to round an edge in a piece of wood? That’s pretty much what the scroll saw was designed for. Purchase one and you’ll be able to complete that new bed-frame you’ve been working on.

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Scroll Saw Patten’s

A lot can be done with a scroll saw, check out some of the paten’s made with a scroll saw